Available debian packages/i386-Packages:

NameDescriptionVersionLast updated
cilChess In Lisp. A library for cmucl.200100227-2Jun 30 (16:19) GMT
cl-acl-compatCompatibility layer for Allegro Common Lisp1.2.5b-4Oct 14 (03:08) GMT
cl-aservePortable Aserve1.2.5b-4Oct 14 (03:08) GMT
cl-binary-typesThe Common Lisp library binary-types.0.84-1Jul 31 (11:14) GMT
cl-faqThis package contains Common Lisp-related FAQs20011115-1Nov 15 (06:37) GMT
cl-fare-md5An implementation of the MD5 message digest protocol.20011109-1Nov 09 (09:45) GMT
cl-infixAn infix reader macro for Common Lisp19960628-6Jun 10 (01:29) GMT
cl-line-loopingExtension to ANSI loop allowing looping over lines in a stream20010705Jul 05 (07:00) GMT
cl-mail-streamsA stream interface for sending mail from Common Lisp20010527Jun 10 (01:29) GMT
cl-metaThe META-library for Common Lisp0.1-1Oct 15 (13:20) GMT
cl-metadataSimple metadata system built atop UncommonSQL1.1.1-1Jan 10 (11:48) GMT
cl-partitionA set of functions to partition sequences in Common Lisp20010808-1Sep 11 (04:28) GMT
cl-split-sequenceA community-standardized CL function to split sequences20011114-1Nov 14 (11:09) GMT
cl-xptestExtreme Programming framework for Common Lisp.0.1-5Jul 07 (02:42) GMT
clgCommon Lisp bindings to Gtk+20011113-1Nov 13 (06:19) GMT
clocc-meteringA portable metering and profiling utility for CL.19940125-5Jun 10 (01:29) GMT
clocc-portThe Common Lisp library 'port' from CLOCC.0.1-20011103-1Nov 03 (10:14) GMT
clueThis is a source package for clue/clio/pictures: xlib/Xt like library for lisp20010602-1Jun 30 (16:19) GMT
common-lisp-controllerThis is a common lisp source and compiler manager.2.7.1Nov 11 (07:40) GMT
csrlib-clA set of utilities that I find useful.20010228-2Jun 10 (01:29) GMT
encycmuclopediaThe EncyCMUCLopedia is an extensive doc-collection for CMUCL20010617-1Oct 19 (09:25) GMT
geodesics-clGeodesic equations in CL20010214-4Jun 10 (01:29) GMT
hyperspecThe Common Lisp Ansi-standard Hyperspec1.2.1Jun 10 (01:29) GMT
ilispPackage for interacting with LISPs using EMACSes5.11.1-5cCLan4Feb 21 (11:27) GMT
integrate-clA library for integrating coupled differential equations in CL20010305-3Jun 10 (01:29) GMT
langband-engineThe Langband engine0.0.21-1Jul 29 (10:19) GMT
langband-vanillaA Vanilla-Angband plugin to the langband-engine0.0.21-1Jul 29 (10:19) GMT
langband-ztermThe Langband term-libs0.0.21-1Jul 29 (10:19) GMT
libapache-mod-webappIMHO web server connector for Apache1.1.0-1Jan 10 (11:48) GMT
lisaIntelligent Software Agents for Common Lisp.0.9.2-2Jun 27 (03:43) GMT
memoizationA extension library that adds memoization support to CMU-CL.1.0-4Jun 30 (16:19) GMT
quick-arraysA library offering less flexible, but faster arrays.1.0-4Jun 30 (16:19) GMT
seriesThe series package is a general iteration library for Lisps.1:2.2.5-1Jun 30 (16:19) GMT
Package count: 33